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Hi, I'm Caroline, and this is my website. caroline smiling

I'm a non-binary trans woman who used to make Minecraft mods, and (tried) to make video games.

My pronouns are She/Her. But I'd prefer if you'd just not refer to me indirectly, where possible.

I am a virtual sandbox enthusiast. I used to mod games (mostly Minecraft), and designed my own games sometimes. But I never found any happiness in it.

This section is about me, myself, and I. A sort of introduction to me. In the following sections, you can find out more about my life by

checkout out my fursona and other characters, and reading about my projects, both the alive, and the dead!

There's also an art gallery of my fursona and in case you want to chat, here's a link to my Revolt guild.

If none of that suits your fancy, you can still follow me on social media, below.

Social Media

If you feel so inclined, you can follow me on social media, where I will make updates far more frequently, as it takes way less effort!

I used to be very active on Twitter, but with the way things are going in November 2022, I won't be for much longer! Try Mastodon!