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Caroline's Art Gallery

This is a gallery of images of my fursona, Caroline. Enjoy!

Alt-text note: Any image not fully described is probably a flat-shaded or unshaded head shot or bust.

Art by Zaezar

Anything without a story here is probably a freebie, because Zaezar frequently has freebie raffle art streams and there used to be a lot fewer participants, to the point where it was almost a guaranteed win. I still participate in these sometimes, but it's much less common to win.


This art is from before I had a reference! The art didn't follow a specific design, just what I told Zaezar the character looked like.


This Christmas gift piece was surprisingly on-model for having been made before Caroline was officially designed. This could also be interpreted as an image of CJ, the character that was born out of the first off-model images ever drawn of Caroline.

Caroline in a big scarf

This is the first piece of art I ever commissioned. I wish I had the foresight to wait for an official reference.

Caroline, animated tapping her head


In 2018, I actually commissioned a reference sheet for Caroline and thus she finally had an official design!


If you ever make art of Caroline, you should use this reference: Caroline's reference sheet

Two headshots, the first of Caroline sticking her tongue out, the second with her staring diagonally up into space

Personal Edit

These are some quick edits I made after Zaezar posted these.
The lines are sloppy, but I love them. Colored head shot of Caroline with her tongue out Colored head shot of Caroline looking up and to the right

Head shot of Caroline with her mouth and eyes wide open, the text "Sharp Intake of Breath" is written next to her

Personal Edit

This is an edit I made after Zaezar sent me this sketch.
I'm actually quite pleased with the result. Colored head shot of Caroline screaming at the top of her lungs
I now use this image attached to a cube as the official logo for the halotroop organization.

This one came as a pair with my ex-boyfriend. I think they turned out pretty cute.
I just wish I had gotten the lines while they could still be had!
Click the image to see the source, if you'd like to see them together.

Headshot of Caroline with super huge beady eyes

Caroline, leaned over with her arms back


Head shot of Caroline, missing her collar, with her eyes pointing opposite directions, captioned "wat"

A cute uncolored bust doodle of Caroline

Personal Edit

This is an edit I made after Zaezar sent me the lines. A flat colored version of the previous drawing


Caroline dressed as Bat-Girl for Hallowe'en and it was the only costume she wore for the next few years.

Caroline dressed as Bat Girl


Bust of Caroline in a blue shirt with an unamused expression

Bust of a frowning Caroline in a purple shirt

Art by FelisRandomis


This is some art I commissioned just so I could see some more expressions from my fursona. Three headshots: Angry, Sad, and Blushing with rolled back eyes

This one was done only on a Telegram channel that Felis used to run. Caroline as a balloon animal

Art by VI Felian


This is the first art VI Felian (aka Parasyminus) ever drew for me. I love his style, and it continues to improve to this very day!

A full-body sketch of a smirking Caroline hovering above her wings with her tail hanging down

Personal Edit

This is an edit I made based on the lines Felian sent me. A rough colored trace of the previous sketch with some features missing entirely
I've revised this one several times over the years, and I still keep project files around for stuff like this.

A three-quarters sketch of Caroline in sportswear

Personal Edit

This is a quick edit I made after Felian sent me this sketch. A rough colored trace of the previous sketch with some features missing entirely
I tried my best to draw straight lines over the sketch, but I'm not the artist here.

Even the avatar shown on this website was created by Felian.

Here is the full version of it: A shaded full-body pinup of Caroline

He is the artist that I most recommend, if you are looking for any for yourself!

Art by Galinn


Apparently I was the first ever follower of Galinn on Twitter. So they made me this as a "thank you" at their 2,000 follower milestone!

A soft-shaded bust of Caroline


Some art has been removed due to my negative relationship with the artist(s).
I'm sorry if you're disappointed about this, but this is how I want it to be.

Other art

Some pre-reference art actually became its own character! You can view all of his art in CJ's Art Gallery


All art featured on this page is the intellectual property of the original artist. I, Caroline Bell claim an exclusive personal license to use and redistribute this art. Caroline is an original character owned by me. Please contact me for any use of my character(s) or any of the art featured here.