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CJ Bell

CJ is the more masculine alter-ego of Caroline Joy Bell.

He has his own art gallery, but hasn't been developed as a character as well as Caroline or gotten as much art as her since she got an official reference sheet.


For lack of a true reference for his design as a character, here's what we know about CJ:

  • Feline
  • He/Him (or They/Them)
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Always wears a hoodie
  • Has dark red fur (#8C281C)
  • Has dark brown hair (#2B1613), and keeps it short
  • Has pale white skin (#FAEEED), as seen inside his ears
  • Has blue eyes (#2A6DF9), but flat instead of gradient like his female counterpart
  • ? chest
  • ? tail
  • ? legs

As far as his personality goes, I have no idea. Caroline is mostly a self-insert or a reflection of myself. CJ is a part of me that I rarely identify with.

We can see that he is portrayed as a goofball in at least one of his portraits, pulling his drawstrings closed over his face.

A flat-color doodle of CJ, seen in a wrinkled grey hoodie with messy hair, winking at the viewer