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CJ Bell

CJ is the more masculine alter-ego of Caroline.
He came about accidentally, as I entered Caroline art raffles without a proper reference sheet back in 2017.
At first, I was annoyed that it didn't fit my vision for Caroline, but I've grown to like this character on his own merits.

He has his own art gallery, but hasn't been developed as a character as well as Caroline or gotten as much art as her since she got an official reference sheet.


For lack of a true reference for his design as a character, here's what we know about CJ:


  • Feline
  • Dark red fur (#8C281C)
  • Short dark brown hair (#2B1613)
  • Pale white skin (#FAEEED) (as seen inside his ears)
  • Blue eyes (#2A6DF9), but flat instead of gradient like his female counterpart
  • ? chest
  • ? tail
  • ? legs


  • He/Him (or They/Them)
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Always wears a hoodie

As far as his personality goes, I have no idea. Caroline is mostly a self-insert or a reflection of myself. CJ is a part of me that I rarely identify with.

We can see that he is portrayed as a goofball in at least one of his portraits, pulling his drawstrings closed over his face.
Hoodie - Zaezar, March 2017

All of his known physical traits were revealed in this image.
CJ - Zaezar, June 2017

This was the last development of CJ before Zaezar started drawing Caroline on-model all the time. Treat - Zaezar, October 2017