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Samantha ...

Sam is a character that once upon a time had a somewhat thought-out backstory. This back-story was deleted as it was only posted in my archived Discord server, which was deleted when my acccount was stolen by a now well-known malware.

This art was made by a kind artist on Facebook before I stopped using it and deactivated my account. I don't remember the artist's name, unfortunately. But their signature is left in-tact, untouched. Here is my digitized, colored version:

Sam is a Furry - ???, halotroop2288 - February 2017, November 2017

This drawing was actually the basis for the entire character, after the person it was based on refused to take ownership of it. It was originally meant as a joke, but I thought that person might like it.

Now, she's officially a character of Basuoland.


  • dog
  • she/her
  • blue fur (#5579C1)
  • white fluff (#D9CACE)
  • dark blue eyebrows (#1C1021)
  • green eyes