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Basuoland is an idea for a game I had a long time ago. I've always wanted to be a game developer, and this was my first attempt at creating one. I started using RPG Maker VX Ace, which was really fun! It helped me further develop the back-stories for my characters, Caroline, Violet, and Ashley.


Basuoland mainly follows the Bell family: Caroline, Violet, and Ashley.

Caroline Bell

Caroline is a self-insert that I use in all kinds of fiction. She is a 33-year-old red cat with huge angelic red wings.
In Basuoland, she is the main character, the single mother of Violet and Ashley Bell.

Ashley Bell

Ashley is Caroline's youngest daughter, a 10-year-old black cat with bat wings.
Ashley focuses on the study of destruction and illusion magic, and is often at odds with her older sister, Violet even before the events of the main story.

Ashley plays a supporting role in the story, until she is corrupted by an enchanted item, and becomes the antagonist. Her stature is not to be underestimated. She is a powerful mage.

Violet Bell

Violet is Caroline's eldest daughter, a 15 year old purple cat with angelic black wings.
Violet focuses on the study of conjuration and alteration magic. She plays the main supporting role throughout most of the story, fighting alongside her mother against the monsters spawned by the corrupted Ashley.

Along the way, you meet several new faces on your journey. Some want to join you, others just lend a helping hand.


Cara is a shop-keeper from the next town over, she can be recruited by Caroline early on to join their adventure.
Cara is an agile pink-haired white cat. She wears skinny jeans and a flannel shirt almost all the time. She wields a dagger for protection, but isn't much of a fighter.