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Dead Projects

A good deal of my projects I have lost interest in completely, or have proven to be too large for me to complete. Documentation is still kept here for future availability in case of curiosity.

2022 Hiatus from programming

In 2022, I realized that I did not want to continue programming.
I never actually enjoyed programming in the first place. I just really want to create things.

The big problem is that I don't really get to create things.
Most of my time is spent problem-solving, asking for help from people who only want to start drama, and searching for answers online, only to be met with more drama.

The projects that I did work on were ports, remakes, and rewrites of existing projects. I almost never made my own assets or projects. I never felt that I had the skill, or the creativity to come up with my own ideas. And I rarely (if ever) completed these projects once they were started. I get burnt out or bored with things far too quickly.

So I took a long break from practicing programming, until I inevitably came back to it, feeling the urge to create since I don't have any other creative outlets. I'm still not happy with my skill level or with the drama many of the programming communities, so right now I'm only focussing solely on game development.
I'm not going back to Minecraft modding any time soon (especially seeing what the game has recently become). And I'm avoiding other kinds of projects, so I don't have to learn too many pointless frameworks, or deal with their own community drama.

Dead Projects

Minecraft Mods