This is a gallery of images of my fursona, Caroline. Enjoy!

Art by Zaezar

Caroline’s reference sheet by Zaezar Xmas gift art, Caroline in a big scarf by Zaezar ‘Wat’ face Caroline by Zaezar “Art Block” (Head-tapping Caroline) by Zaezar

Art by FelisRandomis

Headshots of Caroline by Felis Caroline Balloon by Felis

Art by VI Felian

The avatar shown on this website (left on desktop, top on mobile) was created by VI Felian, aka Parasyminus. He is the artist that I most recommend, if you are looking for any for yourself!

Here is the full version of it: ‘Mowmow’ by VI Felian

Coming soon

More art coming soon, which is not currently available for me to add to this site.


Some art has been removed due to my negative relationship with the artist(s). Sorry, if you’re disappointed, but this is how I want it to be.