Basuoland is an idea for a game I had a long time ago. I’ve always wanted to be a game developer, and this was my first attempt at creating one. I started using RPG Maker VX Ace, which was really fun! It helped me develop stories for my characters, Caroline, Violet, and Ashley (my fictional family).


(cont. from Fursona: My First Game)

This wasn’t too much of a problem for the game though, because I had been thinking up two more characters for years. I have a fantasy of being a mother of two girls. In this fantasy, one is a teen, named Violet (Vi), and the other is a child, named Ashley (Ash). These sisters would have a friendly rivalry between them, with Vi being the good counterpart to Ashley’s wicked evil. Having an “evil” child seemed like a fun idea to me.


A loose version of the intended plot of the game goes like this:

Caroline, Violet, and Ashley set out in search of adventure

Ashley is tricked into becoming a villain

The rest of the family sets out to find a way to stop her from doing X generic evil thing, and bring her to her senses, so they can return to being a normal family.


The world of Basuoland is supposed to be filled with anthropomorphic characters just like the main characters. As you might have guessed, the game is named after the setting.

“Basuoland” is a made up word coming from the root for “animal” in some dead language, like any English word usually does. I think I swapped around the “u” and “o” to make it unsearchable online at the time too, for recognition, so people would know it was my idea. That was my main goal for the name, since I eventually want the game to be marketable.


I eventually stopped using RPG Maker, for one reason or another, and the project was doomed to stop when my free trial ran out anyway.

One day, I hope to continue this project, using the ideas I came up with back then, and probably a custom game engine, since I like to make those, a lot.