If you are not fully supportive of trans people, or have anything against furries, then leave this site immediately. You are not welcome here, or on my social media!

Otherwise, welcome! Feel free to read on!

(If you happen to be a (potential) employer finding this, I’m so sorry. (But not actually, ‘cause this is me.))

Hi, I’m Caroline! I’m a non-binary trans woman who makes Minecraft mods, and (tries) to make video games.

My pronouns are She/Her, or They/Their/Them. But I’d prefer if you’d just not refer to me indirectly, where possible.

On this website, you can find some of my personal projects, which include but are not limited to:

You can also find an art gallery of my fursona, and links to my Minecraft server (when it’s available), and my Discord server.