LiteCraft is an in-progress, but currently on-hold project to create a Minecraft-style sandbox game that is fully friendly to modders, and welcomes new features being added to the main game.

I am currently working on a new game utilizing the Glow engine, with the working title “Project: BrightCraft.” This will be the successor to this LiteCraft project.

Project: BrightCraft will soon get its own page on this site, but until then: Check out the source code for Project: BrightCraft HERE.


LiteCraft as an idea was born out of observed necessity. The Minecraft modding community has a lot of disagreements over what is the best way to do something, but a lot of us agree on one thing: We could probably do better than Mojang themselves.

The problem is: No one has ever stepped up to start a community project to make a better game. That is, until now. I did just that. I suggested (very heavily) that we put our resources into making our own game, rather than constantly fixing Mojang’s game.

I got 4 people to work on this game for a while, before it became too stressful to manage myself, and the other developers left.

What we’re left with today is a very unoptimized infinitely generating world with caves, and no other interactivity.


The rendering engine for LiteCraft, called “Ginger3D” was created by the ever-talented hydos, who has driven many great projects in the past, such as Legacy Fabric, and JCraft64, an attempted port of Project64 to a Minecraft mod, utilizing Ginger3D.

This engine was originally made for HD games, but after I decided to use it for LiteCraft, hydos decided to make quite a few changes to it officially, and it became a fully fledged voxel sandbox game rendering engine!

Download / Source code

If you’d like to download this game, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to check out the source code, CLICK HERE

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