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Untitled Block Game

This is the working title for our first commercial game on Steam. It was registered by Caroline in 2022, but remains unreleased.


The first idea for this game is to continue from the ideas of Litecraft. Starting a voxel game, creating a crafting system for it, and maintaining mod support for it would be the main goal.

Steam integration is highly important to this idea, too. Adding Workshop support for mods, and achievements and leaderboards are some of the key goals.


Another idea is for a Tetris clone called Artris. A highly customizable version of classic NES-style Tetris with optional new mechanics thrown in from newer games. The main thing setting it apart would be an art reveal twist. The background would slowly reveal a new piece of art every time your clear lines.

Caroline has started mocking this up in both Godot 3 and Godot 4, but has already lost interest in coding it. She is still interested in working on this project though!

The Future

The future of this project is unclear at the time of writing, but if you'd like to make a suggestion or join the team, contact Caroline!