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This website is under construction!

I don't have a lot of time to work on this, between work and depression.

Welcome to

This website is all about Caroline, our organization, and our projects.

Up at the top you'll find navigation to general topics. Over on the left you'll be able to navigate to specific pages.

If you are not fully supportive of trans people, or have anything against furries, then leave this site immediately. You are not welcome here, nor on my social media!

Click the button in the top right to submit contributions to this website!

Contribution Rights

If you can improve documentation articles, I fully welcome your contributions. My personal articles (written by myself, about myself) are to be maintained only by me.

With that said, this website is one of the few things I retain full copyright to. I do not release any of the content here under any sort of open-source license. This includes the articles, images, and other original assets.


My original scripts (JavaScript files), like most of my other projects, are released under the MIT license, and are free to copy and use anywhere. They will be labeled as such in the header.

Any assets imported from elsewhere retain their original license, and if outside contributors add their own pages or scripts, they may include a license in the header.