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Mo' Creatures

Mo' Creatures was a mod by Dr. Zhark that added lots of animals and other creatures to the game.
It had its source code released under GPLv3 in 2019.


I was porting it to Fabric while I waited for the original creator of More Creeps and Weirdos to respond to me about the licensing of that mod. But ultimately, I lost interest in working on both of the mods (and in modding in general).

My original goal was to first port all the creatures that had not yet made it into vanilla Minecraft through updates. Then, if I finished those, vanilla creatures (like Rabbits, Horses, and Cats) would start to get features from the mod.

I would have started with 1.14.4, then updated the mod to newer versions to cover all the modern versions that Fabric supports. But at one point I was considering moving to supporting only one version.
See Better Than Updates for details.


You can download the original mod HERE.

Source Code

You can view the source code for my fork HERE.


Here's the current list of mobs that have been added.

Keep in mind, I'm targeting the whole list of mobs from Mo' Creatures 12, minus obsolete ones, like Wolves, Kitties, Turtles, etc. Which will eventually have the option of implementing into vanilla mobs with their features/models.


Ants wander around and look for food to pick up, and then carry it around wherever they go.


I had planned on making them follow each other around and bring food back to a nest.


Generic Bird

Birds are like parrots, but uh... different-looking? They each have their own ambient noise and can be tamed.

They would have given you slow-falling if you have them sit on your head, in my version.


Rabbits were added to vanilla Minecraft in release 1.8.

It's unlikely I would have changed much about them in my version, except maybe adding back their original models.


Butterflies and Moths

Many species of butterflies and moths can be found in the world of Mo' Creatures, including: