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Litecraft was an old, ambitious project idea from Caroline, with the goal to basically replace Minecraft by creating a whole new voxel engine.

Reasons for this project stemmed from issues in the Minecraft modding community, such as not having access to the Minecraft source code, and being fed up with maintaining modding toolchains with codebases wholely separate from the game itself.

Over time, more goals were added, such as original game modes. But they were never implemented as the project barely even got off the ground before being cancelled.

Version 1

Version 1 was intended to be written with a lightweight codebase that would heavily rely on third-party libraries. It was mostly intended to replace Minecraft as a modding platform. I also planned to bring its world generation and basic gameplay to parity with the version of Minecraft that was out at the time.

Litecraft version 1 was written in pure Java by a small team of developers coming from the Minecraft modding scene, in Februrary 2020.

The team consisted of four members. - halotroop2288 (Caroline) - hYdos - Supercoder79 (Jasmine) - Valoeghese

The project eventually fell apart due to bad leadership on Caroline's (my) part. The members were likely fed up with being pushed so hard for a month straight.


Brightcraft was a second attempt by Caroline to start up this project once again, under a new Java engine by Falkreon's organization, Sawdust. At the time, this engine was called Glow but later was abstracted into a separate project, Chipper.

This project never got very far, as I never put in the time to learn how to use Glow/Chipper.


The idea behind this project lives on to this day, and has not been fully abandoned. But the game will most likely be made in a bigger engine, such as Godot, if it ever comes to fruition. Sticking to Java was mostly for comfort, but using a bigger pre-made engine would save a ton of time and effort. Additionally, in the future, the game might become a commercial product that you could buy on Steam.

To learn more, see the new project's page.