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I usually use a site called, but it's slow and clunky, and it doesn't allow me to customize the page how I'd like to. So why not just move it all to here?

(Well I can think of one reason, but I'm doing this anyway)

Video Games

You can find my digital game wishlists on GOG, Steam, and

For games I wish to get physical copies of, I'll put them here:


There's nothing here yet.


You can find my digital music wishlist on Bandcamp.

For music I wish to get physical copies of (Vinyl, CDs, read-only flash), I'll put them here:



I usually do all my movie watching through streaming, but at times that can be impossible to do. Here's a collection of movies I wouldn't mind having physical copies of.

These Blu-Ray box sets would be awesome to have on my shelf. I actually plan on getting them myself if nobody else does, because I need offline media I can consume when the internet is out (which happens a lot at my dad's house).


Full series collections

I love to have the full set of all of my favorite things. Here's a few that would make a great start.

Spider-Man Universe

I've always been a big fan of Spider-Man. I want to collect all the cool steelbook editions of the movies.